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Threaded inserts

We offer threaded inserts by Kerb Konus, a company that has developed this special composite technology. There are various types of inserts: self-tapping ones to be used with metals, wood or plastic, to be infused cold/hot/with ultrasound method, to be screwed into the parent thread or to be riveted. The catalogue describes in detail the types and usage of the tools. The parameters let us match the inserts adeqately to your needs.

Download a catalogue:

Kerb Konus

Threaded inserts are parts made by Kerb Konus company.
In our offer there are self-tapping inserts to be used with metal, wood or plastic. There are also inserts for riveting.

Choose a category:

Threaded inserts for metals
Threaded inserts for plastic and wood
Threaded inserts for thin shapes
Securing and sealing of screw connections, insulating coatings on threads

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